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A review of Metal Detecting Treasuresclub
Like a starving man who finds a tasty morsel, today Leslie Trawler reviews Metal Detecting Treasuresclub. But is he merciful to his quarry?
Discover How Metal Detecting Can Uncover The Most Valuable Treasures!
Full info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/metal-detecting-treasuresclub-review/

Five Great Coaches Fights, In Honor Of Jim Harbaugh And Jim Schwartz (VIDEOS)

The silly ritual of the coaches" post-game handshake got taken to a new level Sunday when the odious Jon Harbaugh celebrated his 49ers victory a little too enthusiastically while shaking the hand of Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz.


MotoGP Australia Inside Line from Phillip Island

Casey Stoner really flew on his way to the 2011 MotoGP title at Phillip Island, and so did about 10 million insects, as our man on the inside explains


5 Division I Colleges That Don't Allow Ugly Girls To Attend Football Games (PICS)

Two weekends ago I was watching the Oklahoma vs.

Texas football game. Every single time the cameraman panned into the stands there were hot chicks on the TV. I really started to wonder if there were any chicks that werent hot in the stadium.


Vikings vs. Packers: Christian Ponder Faces Big Test Against Green Bay's Defense

When the Minnesota Vikings host the Green Bay Packers, rookie quarterback Christian Ponder will take the field leading the 1-5 Vikings in his first NFL start. Ponder couldn"t be facing a bigger challenge as he makes his debut against the league"s last standing unbeaten. 

Ponder is in for quite the challenge facing a defense that is tied for the seventh in the league for total points allowed. While the Packers haven"t given up very many points, they certainly have allowed teams to pick up chunks of yards. It wouldn"t be surprising to see Ponder put up some heavy yardage totals, but lack the finishing skills that will be needed to provide the massive upset.

Via: http://bleacherreport.com

Affiliate Game Plan Reviewed
Underground affiliate reveals his most guarded strategy to generating $61,881 in clickbank commissions in just 45 days with no product, email list and just a...

The Overall Score

Overall, what do we think of Affiliate Game Plan? This score takes into account everything we have discussed so far, and in...
Further info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/affiliate-game-plan-review/

Keeping Score: NFL Picks of the Week (Video)

Kilmeade predicts winners of his three top matchups.


The Cost of the NBA Lockout By the Numbers

A look at how much money will be lost now that the first two weeks of basketball season are officially canceled.


Best Science Video You'll See Today: Quantum Levitation

Do you know what this means? Hoverboards.

We are one step closer to actual Hoverboards. ...


Ten technology facts about the London Olympics

Billions have been invested in an attempt to make sure the London games run smoothly.