The Great Russian Fire Extinguisher Fail

This is a tragic saga of a man who sets fire to his motorcycle to demonstrate the effectiveness of a fire extinguisher only to discover that the extinguisher doesn"t work.

His friend"s laughter provides the comic relief. ...


Lebron James to Play in the NFL?

If the NBA season gets cancelled due to the lockout, Lebron James is hinting at a move to football.


The Adsense Millionaire Review
If you were able to get 75% CTR"s on your ads ... how much money would *you* make? Here"s the key that makes all your...

The Final Score

What"s our final opinion of The Adsense Millionaire? This score takes into account everything we have discussed so far, and also trust...
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One Solider's Experience in Afghanistan

An amazing and intense compilation video of one soldier"s time in Afghanistan, all shot from a first-person point-of-view. ...



Barbecue Smoker Recipes
The Bottom Line

Overall, what do we think of Barbecue Smoker Recipes? This score takes into consideration everything we have discussed so far, and also......
Use these homemade BBQ smoker plans to construct a smoker that looks great and doesn"t require specialist welding skills.
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