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Dead Car Battery? Get A Rope!

So this is why my mom always told me to keep a rope in the car.

I always thought it was for those rare occasions when I turned into an old-timey villain and needed to hogtie people and place them on train tracks. ...


A review of 20k Leveling
The Bottom Line

Ok, so now it"s time for the final score on 20k Leveling. This score takes into account everything we have discussed so......
WoW legend, Gladiator Markco, has been making millions of gold since before you were gathering peacebloom and slaying boars in Durotar. Now, he finally reveals...
Further info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/20k-leveling-review/

A review of Affiliate Ownage
Like a starving man who finds a tasty morsel, today Leslie Trawler reviews Affiliate Ownage. But is it delicious red meat or an old scrap of chicken?
Super affiliate and master videogamer Dylan Loh reveals closely guarded cheat sheets, battleplans, powerups and secret weapons .. to mercilessly dominate every levels of Clickbank...
Read more here:http://purrl.net/reviews/affiliate-ownage-review/